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Woman sparks responses online with her flawless hourglass figure (watch video)

Woman sparks responses online with her flawless hourglass figure (watch video)

You’ve probably seen celebrities with the desired hourglass figure on billboard advertisements, in publications, on social media, and on the red carpet.

When you think of this well-known body form, which often consists of sculpted shoulders, shapely curves, and a whittled waist, you might picture well-known beauty icons like Hajia Bintu, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez.

The truth is that having an hourglass shape doesn’t always imply that you’re more attractive or healthy.

Watch this video, though, to see a stunning woman showcase her hourglass figure while having fun with a male friend.

To provide for his large family, Mr Kalukhana does menial jobs, including landscaping activities.

In his compound are three semi-permanent houses with iron sheet roofs and mud walls.

“I have wives in different places, including in the neighbouring Nandi County,” said Mr Kalukhana.

Every month, Mr Kalukhana has to buy five bags of maize, which is distributed to his wives to ensure the children do not sleep hungry.

“When I’m not farming, I go out to do menial work, including constructing stone fences around people’s homes. The work is well-paying and it has helped me make some money to keep my family going. They will never sleep hungry as long as I’m alive,” said Mr Kalukhana.

A 63-year-old Kenyan man with eight wives and seven mistresses has said he is too smart to be managed by one woman.

David Zakayo Kalukhana, from Teresia Village on the edge of Kakamega County, has sired 107 children with his wives and concubines.

Kalukhana, whose village lies along the expansive Nandi escarpment in Kakamega North sub-county, first got married in 1987 but he felt he needed more.

Watch the video below

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