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Kumasi girl flαaunts her big ‘baka’ in a trending new video (watch)

Meet Akosua from Kumasi, Ghana. She recently became an internet sensation when she posted a video of herself flaunting her impressive curves while dancing to a popular Ghanaian song.

Akosua’s video quickly went viral, with thousands of people commenting on her impressive dance moves and her shaped figure.

Many people praised her confidence and self-love, while others expressed admiration and respect for her body positivity.

In an interview, Akosua said that she’s always been confident in her body and wanted to use her video to show other young women that they can be proud of their bodies and comfortable with their curves.

She also said she wanted to inspire people to be comfortable in their own skin and to be true to themselves.

Akosua’s video has been viewed millions of times, and she’s now become an inspiration to many young women in Kumasi and around the world.

Her positive message about body image and self-love has been embraced by many, and she’s become an important voice in the conversation about body positivity.

Watch the video below.

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