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“She Came All the Way From Owerri”: Tears of Joy As Fan Meets Destiny Etiko, Showers Actress With Gifts

“She Came All the Way From Owerri”: Tears of Joy As Fan Meets Destiny Etiko, Showers Actress With Gifts

Popular Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko was pleasantly surprised on set by a female fan who travelled from Owerri, Imo state, to meet her on set.

In the video, the young lady explained why she had come to the actress, and her gesture got Etiko emotional.

The fan came bearing gifts, and she couldn’t keep her tears from falling while unboxing.

The actress and everyone around her were in awe of the well-packaged items. The actress raised the mug, frame, chocolate, and other items in appreciation, to the point of putting some shredded ribbons on her head.

Etiko hugged the young lady, who found it difficult to keep her eyes dry in the video, and promised her first Nollywood role would be in the movie she was working on.

The actress wrote:

‘”This girl really got me emotional She came to my set all the way from OWERRI just to gift me and to tell me how much I inspire her and her entire family ❤️@jenniferosunkwo. MY MOVIE WILL BE THE FIRST U WILL FEATURE IN NOLLYWOOD. thanks for the gift darl. I appreciate GOD BE WITH U “

Watch the video below:

Netizens react to the video


“Why una Dey ask her why she dey cry u think say e easy to see person wen u Dey admire from distance face to face ?? D day I go see destiny hmm only God know if I cry finish I go faint ontop, love the girl regardless.”


“I understand exactly how she feels.”


“My own is that after the celebrities help una make una continue to remain loyal. Not after una don get what una want now una go dey bite the hand that feed una. I come in peace and no one should attack me.”


“So beautiful God bless you❤️


“This is so sweet of her.. I hope she doesn’t do what chinenye did to you.. but it’s good to give people chances not everyone will come to disappoint there are genuine love out there.. so please don’t stop helping, I can’t wait to see her future in your movies.”


“It seems like destiny isn’t too excited about the gifts. I don’t see her feeling it. Opinion only.”


“Na so them take Dey start later dey go disappoint hmm just passing ☹️

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